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2023 World Ocean Week kicks off in Xiamen

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated:2023-11-09


The opening ceremony of World Ocean Week 2023 and Xiamen International Ocean Forum is held in Xiamen on Nov 9. [Photo provided to en.fao.xm.gov.cn]

The opening ceremony of World Ocean Week 2023 and Xiamen International Ocean Forum was held in Xiamen on Nov 9. The theme of this year's ocean week is "New engine of blue development for the maritime community with a shared future", and it will focus on the global sustainable development of the ocean.

The opening ceremony saw the release of the "2023 China ocean development index" and the "sustainable development capability index report of coastal countries along the Maritime Silk Road (2023)", as well as the launch of the "digital deep sea typical habitat" big science plan and the 14th national ocean knowledge competition. 

The Blue Citizen Initiative was also released, which aims to strengthen guidance on innovative policies and support the growth and development of blue citizens through diverse plans, projects, and activities.

In the keynote speech session, Peter Thomson, the ambassador of UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy for the Ocean, gave a speech titled "UN Sustainable Development Goals for the Ocean: Global Processes, Challenges and Actions".

With the support and participation of relevant units, the World Ocean Week in Xiamen has gradually developed from an solitary city forum to an annual international event that integrates the international ocean forum, the ocean professional exhibition, and the ocean culture carnival. 

Through the organization of a diverse series of activities in the three major sections every year, it has cumulatively attracted nearly 1,000 officials and expert representatives from nearly 130 countries and regions and about 20 significant international organizations. The number of participants in the World Ocean Week's various activities has exceeded 2 million.

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