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President of German-Chinese Society Trier e. V. visits Xiamen

(en.fao.xm.gov.cn) Updated:2023-11-02


The representatives of Foreign Affairs Office of Xiamen Municipal People's Government warmly welcome Peter Dietze and his delegation in Xiamen. [Photo/WeChat account: XIAMENFAO]

Peter Dietze, the president of German-Chinese Society Trier e. V. and an honorary citizen of Xiamen, led a delegation of four people to visit Xiamen from Oct 21 to 28. This visit marked Mr. Dietze's return to Xiamen after five years.

During their stay in Xiamen, the delegation visited places such as the Foreign Affairs Office of Xiamen Municipal People's Government, Xiamen University, Jimei University, and Gulangyu Island, to promote friendship city exchange projects. They deepened the exchanges and cooperation between the two cities in economic and trade, education, culture, architecture, and intangible cultural heritage protection.

On October 25, Zhang Quan, director general of the Xiamen Foreign Affairs Office, and Yu Hao, deputy director general of XMFAO, held a discussion with Dietze and his delegation. They explored how to further develop cooperative projects between the two cities, enhance mutual understanding among the citizens, and promote the development of friendly relations between the two cities.

Both sides expressed their intention to intensify economic and trade cooperation, using the city of Trier as a window for cooperation with Germany. In conjunction with the Chinese Consulate General in Frankfurt and the Confucius Institute in Trier, activities will be organized to promote Xiamen to surrounding cities, expanding its recognition. 

Xiamen and Tier will also strengthen cooperation in vocational education, engage in exchanges on the conservation of historical buildings and urban areas, and on the revitalization of cultural heritage. Additionally, diverse artistic exchanges will be facilitated through initiatives such as artist visits for inspiration, design competitions, and art exhibitions.

Trier will send a delegation to participate in the 2024 Xiamen youth football championship, and will also invite Xiamen to take part in various exhibitions such as a book fair to be held in Germany that same year. Both sides unanimously believe that promoting friendly cooperation projects between the two cities will result in mutual benefits, bringing more opportunities for development in both cities.


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