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Xiamen Cyberculture Festival concludes after 10-month run

(fao.xm.gov.cn) Updated:2023-01-16

The 11th Xiamen Cyberculture Festival came to a close on Jan 12 in Xiamen, Fujian province, after offering 76 activities and showcasing 54,000 cyberculture works that received over 1.3 billion page views.

Organized by the Publicity Department of Xiamen and the Office of Xiamen Cyberspace Affairs Commission, the event started in March 2022 and lasted for 10 months. It has produced high volumes of cultural content about the 20th CPC National Congress, the Party's new theory, Xiamen's social and economic achievements over the past decade.

Some of the works gained popularity online due to their high-quality content and creative ideas. The 20th CPC National Congress welcome video produced by Xiamen's news portal xmnn.cn, the city promotional videos produced by Toutiao (Xiamen), and the landscape promotion videos produced by Haicang district all received Special Awards at the festival.

Ten representative netizens in Xiamen were granted with Excellent Internet User Award for their spreading of positive ideas online and active participation of cyber culture activities. Other awards for excellent organizations, communications, and creative ideas were also announced.

The festival promotes diverse cyberculture in the city and has already become a brand event for the province. The city plans to continue to improve the event to help improve China's online environment.


The 11th Xiamen Cyberculture Festival came to a close on Jan 12 in Xiamen. [Photo/Xiamen News]



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