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Xiamen resumes visa, passport applications

(fao.xm.gov.cn) Updated:2023-01-12

The exit-entry administration of Xiamen, East China's Fujian province, resumed visa and passport application services on Jan 9, following moves by the National Immigration Administration to optimize immigration management policies.


Applicants wait for their turns. [Photo WeChat account: xmgd2015]

In response to a statement issued by the National Immigration Administration on optimizing immigration management policies after the downgrade of COVID-19 management from Class A to Class B, the Xiamen exit-entry administration has replaced on-site queueing with online reservations to help deal with the increasing visa and passport applications.

Applicants can make an appointment on the "i厦门" government affairs service platform, the Minzhengtong ("闽政通") convenient service app, or the official WeChat accounts of the Xiamen exit-entry administration and the National Immigration Administration and visit the application window during their scheduled appointment.

The exit-entry registration center on Zhenhai Road and the Fujin tourism registration center in Wuyuan Bay have set up green channels for people from special groups, including seniors, infants and pregnant women, as well as people with urgent needs.


A staff of the exit-entry registration center helps an applicant with his document-related problems. [Photo WeChat account: xmgd2015]

The Xiamen exit-entry administration also suggests that people who don't have a clear plan for recent outbound trips can apply for the documents at a later date, and people living outside of Xiamen can apply for the documents at the nearest exit-entry administration instead of traveling to Xiamen.


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