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Xiamen port exports EVs to Europe first time

(fao.xm.gov.cn) Updated:2022-08-11


MG Mulan vehicles enter a cargo ship at Xiamen Modern Terminal for their departure to Europe. [Photo/WeChat account: xiamen_swj]

A batch of 904 SAIC Motor's new electric vehicles (EVs) departed from Xiamen Modern Terminal in Xiamen, Fujian province and headed to Europe on Aug 4, marking Xiamen port's first time to export EVs to Europe.

The exported EV model – MG Mulan – meets world-class standards in safety, environmental protection, and quality, and will debut in Europe in Q4 this year.

Among this batch of vehicles, 534 vehicles will be exported to the United Kingdom and 370 vehicles will be exported to Belgium.

The exports also included gasoline cars and auto parts such as charging piles, which will be exported to other countries and regions like Egypt.

In recent years, the demand for new energy vehicles in Europe has been growing rapidly, which attracts domestic vehicle producers such as SAIC, BYD, and XPeng to speed up the pace of entering global markets.

Xiamen plans to continue to beef up its efforts to improve its business environment in order to help vehicle companies to seize the opportunities of entering global markets.



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