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E-commerce forum to bring cross-Straits businessmen to Xiamen

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated:2016-04-11

More than 1,000 business leaders and industry experts from the Chinese mainland and  Taiwan will attend a cross-Straits e-commerce forum in Xiamen city, Fujian province on April 12. 

The focus of the forum will be cooperation between the mainland and Taiwan amid the  new economic background and the Belt and Road Initiative; its goal will be  exploring new trends in e-commerce in light of national strategies such as the  Belt and Road Initiative and Internet Plus rolled out over the past few years to boost the e-commerce sector.

Speaking at the forum will be Tang Sheng, deputy director-general of  the China Electronic Commerce Association, Liang Chunxiao, senior analyst with  Alibaba Group, and Deng Jinghong from Amazon. International e-commerce, mobile  e-commerce and community e-commerce will be among the discussion  topics.

The  forum is sponsored by the China Electronic Commerce Association, the commerce  bureau of Xiamen, and the commerce unit of the Siming district. The Haixi Pearl  e-commerce park in Xiamen, the online retailing association of Xiamen and the  school of economics and management at Xiamen University were the organizers.  

International e-commerce trade is expected to reach 6.5 trillion yuan  ($10 trillion) in China, according to the commerce  ministry.

The  establishment of the Xiamen free trade area has made it possible for the e-commerce business to grow into larger volumes in the city as its economic and  trade cooperation with Taiwan increases.


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