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Xiamen, Cardiff celebrate 40th anniversary of sister-city relation


A celebration marking the 40th anniversary of the sister-city relations between Xiamen and Cardiff in the United Kingdom was held in Xiamen on Oct 12. A photo exhibition was set up in the corridor at the venue, telling the story of the two cities over the past four decades.

Cardiff was the first international sister city of Xiamen. As the first pair of China-UK sister cities, the two cities have steadily carried out friendly exchanges and mutually beneficial cooperation over the past 40 years, continuously deepening cooperation and setting a good example for cooperation between sister cities at home and abroad.

Xiamen University and Cardiff University; Xiamen Foreign Language School and Cardiff and Vale College; and Xiamen Music School and Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama have established friendly relations as well, creating a bridge for mutual understanding and learning among young people. 

To highlight the close exchanges and cooperation in the field of education, gifts commemorating 40 years of Xiamen-Cardiff sister-city relations were jointly designed and produced by Xiamen City University and Cardiff and Vale College. These gifts were exchanged at the event on behalf of both cities.

Coincidentally, both gifts were flower-themed. Xiamen gifted a piece of lacquerware featuring the triangular plum, the city flower of Xiamen, and the daffodil. In return, Cardiff gifted an artwork also featuring triangular plums and daffodils.

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