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Xiamen Translators' Association

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The Xiamen Translators' Association was founded on Nov 22, 1996. It is a non-profit organization composed of translators, translation-related institutions, enterprises, public institutions and various individuals working in the translation industry.

The association falls under the leadership of the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Xiamen Municipal People's Government and receives guidance from its parent association, the Translators Association of China. It is comprised of 12 sub-institutions and 325 staff members, and is a member of both the Translators Association of China and the Fujian Translators Association.

Main tasks of the Xiamen Translators' Association include:

1 - Providing services for academic exchanges and training local translators. Protecting the legitimate rights and interests of workers to promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, and to promote the economic and social development of the Xiamen Special Economic Zone.

2 - Organizing members to take part in national and regional exchanges, and symposiums on cultural, scientific and technical translations.

3 - Revising public signs and publishing books relating to practical English, with the aim of improving the local foreign language environment.

4 - Holding theoretical and practical training courses on English translation and cooperating with the Xiamen Science and Technology Association to organize Japanese, Russian, German and French translation courses.

5 - Translating foreign documents and assisting enterprises in selecting elite students to study abroad.



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